Ingredient Series – Kaolin Clay

For centuries clay has been a fundamental part of beauty regimens. Clays have tremendous benefits for the skin and are full of trace minerals. Kaolin clay is perfect for sensitive skin and is known as a “tender” clay due to its purity and neutral pH. While it is currently found all around the world, its origins are believed to be in China. Its name comes from Gaoling, the Kao-ling mountains in China. Kaolin clay is also known as China clay, White clay, and Kaolinite clay.

The color of Kaolin clay is usually white, but it comes in different colors depending on other minerals present. It has a soft texture. One of the main components of Kaolin clay is the mineral kaolinite, which is a layered silicate mineral.

At Enfusia we use Kaolin clay in our bath bombs for a couple of reasons. Kaolin clay softens the skin and bathwater. It also helps us keep our bath bombs hard as we are in a humid climate and helps hold fragrance in our handmade bath bombs. Kaolin clay is soothing to the skin as well.

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