Enfusia makes every bath beautiful! Our company philosophy is simple: rejuvenate, restore, and renew. All it takes is ten minutes to be a happy, stress-free soul.


I developed eczema and was frustrated with traditional bath and body products which used harsh chemicals and fragrances that worsened my condition. With my background as a cosmetologist and medical aesthetician, I felt I could help others with their needs, too. I partnered with an herbalist and chemist to give the products stability and integrity and began to manufacture and distribute artisan bath and body products. Eventually, Enfusia was born. – Debra Myers

Our line of luxurious and soothing natural products has evolved as we’ve grown and includes Enfusia, Muscle Rehab, and PureCBD.  Today, we have wholesale partnerships with enterprise retailers and independent retailers to bring our products to their customers.  We also offer private label services for retailers and professionals who wish to create and sell quality bath and body products under their own brand.

All of our products are manufactured by hand in The Woodlands, TX by people, not machines. Part of my responsibility as a local business owner is to create jobs; and today, Enfusia has 40 employees.

My journey has happened over the course of 30 years, but Enfusia has become a mission way beyond me. It’s bigger than me or my story. It’s now become OUR story.


We believe it is incumbent upon all of us to care for those in need, and as God says, to care for the least of these. It’s about having a heart for the world. Having a heart for the world starts at home in our community.

Every summer, we offer any person who works for us an opportunity to send their children to summer camp. Enfusia pays for these camps. Employees without kids can send their siblings to summer camp. This is one of the best ways to give back to our employees. The kids love it and the parents are very grateful.

Enfusia proudly sponsors and participates in many charitable community causes. As a company it’s part of our core values. We help people in need by donating products, money, and time.

Free the Captives Logo

Enfusia works closely with a faith-based program called Free the Captives.  It’s an organization whose mission is simply to rescue girls from human trafficking in Houston, TX.  Houston is the 3rd highest volume city for trafficked teens.  The work they do is incredible.  Counseling, safe housing, education, job training! Enfusia donates $0.10 for every bar of soap we sell.  Any size in any format.  While we won’t disclose the amount of money given, it’s not too hard to figure out since we sell thousands of soap bars through the year.


We work very closely with a faith- based program called Eagles Nest.  This is a half -way house for men so they can learn how to re-enter society.  We provide jobs, as well as coaching and mentoring.  Many employers don’t think about a community’s responsibility to help these men, but we absolutely know without jobs and a place to live we leave these men with few options.  People without options or hope end up right back in prison.


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