Aqua – The Therapeutic Effects of Water

Anyone who has gotten into a swimming pool, lake or the ocean understands the buoyancy you feel when you get into the water. It has an immediate effect on the body, a type of weightlessness. We can incorporate this feeling into our bathtubs by creating a type of at-home hydrotherapy.

Doctors all over the world use water, one of nature’s five elements, for its healing properties. The use of both warm and cold water in varying degrees helps aid circulation, which is believed to assist with inflammation. Arthritis pain can be eased from hydrotherapy and baths. According to one of our private label clients, Dr. Sakina Davis M.D., of Woodlands Wellness, baths are one thing we can do for our bodies that don’t require anything extravagant. Soaking in a bath for as little as 15 minutes can provide wonderful benefits. Water alone can alleviate all the weight off your skeletal system. Baths induce feelings of comfort and easiness, which allow the body and mind to relax.

Our origins as humans start in the womb. Ironically, we are surrounded by a water sack where our bodies are completely enveloped by water. Doctors believe, therefore, baths provide a level of comfort to us.

At Enfusia we are bath experts. Everything we manufacture is for the bath. We believe the power of the bath is more than relaxing, and it’s certainly about more than getting clean. Baths are an essential part of well-being. Baths help us sleep better because we are relaxed. Baths can aid the body while sick. When we are congested or feel cold symptoms coming on, we can add products like Enfusia Breathe Easy to open our airways and vascular system. Baths help when our muscles ache. With the onset of muscle soreness, add the powerful combination of essential oils and USP Epsom salt in Enfusia’s MuscleRehab soak to your bath.

Some of the saddest words ever spoken are “I don’t have time for a bath.” It’s as important as exercise, eating, and love! Correct, as important as love! When we understand the whole concept of self-care and its impact on our total well-being, we understand the power of baths, the healing effects of water, and the powerful element that is aqua!

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