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Great Sales, Low Returns and High Margins – Enfusia’s Value to Retailers

For many brands, finding a value for the retailer is like searching for a unicorn: elusive and desperately sought. At Enfusia, we have a passion for our retailers. This is demonstrated by our affordably priced product offerings. We want our retailers to have great sell-through by providing a value proposition to the end customer as well as the retailer.

So often we see bath and body products in the marketplace that are cheaply made with no attention to detail. It’s unmistakable that manufacturers are pushing products out the door with no mind for how it arrives at retail.

Enfusia spends the time needed to understand how the product will make it through the shipping channels and arrive at the customer’s physical location. It’s important for our product to arrive the way it’s pictured when the retailer purchases it.

When you have a high-quality product, the likelihood of customers sending the item back is greatly diminished. Enfusia is very proud of its very low return rate. Retailers don’t want returns as it leaves an impression that the store isn’t selling high-quality products and can impact sales and cash. According to our retailers, Enfusia’s return rate was .025% in 2018.

We shoot for turnkey margin or higher when possible. Due to the quality of products, Enfusia is often priced a little bit higher at retail. Most of our branded items run 48-51% margin while our private label has run as high as 80% margin. We can help make up for any low margin items a retailer may have to offer with an overall margin mix, which oftentimes will bring up the entire margin of the HABA department.

Seasonal relevancy is a large part of our brand. Enfusia prides itself on seasonal offerings that aren’t traditional. The days of Santa shaped soaps are long gone, but people still want new, on-trend holiday or seasonal items. We love the fall and holiday seasons, and with scents like Autumn Sugar, Frankincense, and Winter Rose, it’s different than mainline offerings of peppermint or pine while still conveying a seasonal message.

To find out how Enfusia can assist you with your bath and body product assortment, contact us at [email protected] or 281-681-0732.

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