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Release Stress and Feel Better with Enfusia Aromatherapy

Wellness Month: Focus on Mental Well-Being

Your mental well-being is just as important as your physical health. With uncertainty and unease on the rise, now is the time to take care of you.

Everyday events, especially in this new normal, can trigger feelings of depression and anxiety. Sometimes you just need to break free from those feelings. Try spritzing a little Eau de Parfum to lift your spirits or invigorate your senses! Smelling good can help you feel good too.

Enfusia’s Cloth Mask Refresher Spray is another great way to feel better by freshening your cloth mask. The blend of essential oils in the spray helps you elevate your mood and breathe a little easier. Aromatherapy promotes happiness and well-being while releasing stress and letting your mind break away from everyday troubles.

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Enfusia’s Eau de Parfum:

  • Arabian Sandalwood: Exotic and rich with warm notes of amber and vanilla that accompany this woodsy scented bath bomb.
  • Coriander Rosewood: A lavish bouquet of rosewood, gardenia, yellow rose, and tuberose kissed with coriander.
  • Peace: An exotic blend of chai, tuberose, vanilla, and patchouli tempered with a touch of amber.
  • Hibiscus Water: As beautiful as a tropical day, our blend of hibiscus flower, papaya and sea foam all layered in a base of white musk create the feeling of an oasis.
  • Let’s Get Naked: Fresh fruit essences of grapefruit, apple, strawberry, tangerine, peach, black currant delight the senses.

Cloth Mask Refresher Spray:

  • Breathe Easy: A perfect blend of mints, rosemary, and tea tree kissed with lavender that helps to ease breathing and clear the sinuses

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