Enfusia Wellness Month Clean Hands and Bodies Article

Clean Hands and Body Lead to a More Confident and Healthier You!

Wellness Month: Healthy Habits for Well-Being

Make it your goal to feel confident and comfortable in your own skin! Creating and maintaining good hygienic habits can be the difference between feeling motivated and confident or irritable and glum. Washing your hands, taking a shower or bath, brushing your teeth, and staying well-groomed are central to improving and maintaining your wellness.

Regularly washing your hands and taking a shower or bath can do wonders for your health.  Benefits include killing bacteria and washing away germs, which help prevent the spread of disease and keeps bacteria from building up or causing infections.

Feeling clean can help you feel more comfortable and boost your self-esteem. Try Enfusia soap next time you scrub your hands or body and notice the feeling… Your skin won’t feel dry either!  Enfusia premium handmade soaps and foaming hand soaps are designed for people with sensitive skin and use gentle ingredients and essential oils to soothe and moisturize.

Keep a hand sanitizer with you for the occasion that you need to clean your hands but soap isn’t readily available.

Enfusia premium handmade soaps and foaming hand soaps are 50% off during this week of Wellness Month. One-gallon hand sanitizers are also available for $39.99 (compared to $59.99).

Be Sure to Come Back Each Week of August for more Discussions on Wellness and New Sales!

Enfusia Wellness Month Calendar Clean Hands and Bodies

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