Stress & Cannabidiol Oil

Enfusia’s CEO, Debra Myers, shares how she uses Cannabidiol Oil infused bath bombs to help her alleviate stress and sleep through the night:

Over the past few years, I have been a fan of Cannabidiol Oil and its benefits. Most understand its genesis originating in the hemp plant, but this oil does not contain THC or anything I would consider weird.

Understanding the ingredient is important for sure. It is simply full-spectrum hemp oil – complete with all the cannabinoids, terpenes, fatty acids, and other healthful components that occur in the hemp plant.

In early February, my mother who has early-onset dementia took a fall. She broke her femur, required surgery, and during this process, her dementia worsened to the point our family decided it best she transition to an assisted living facility. To say this was a high-stress situation is probably understating the obvious. I could not sleep; I was crazy in my mind with everything I had to take care of. Her care, her finances, running a company, being a wife, and oh just breathing and trying to take care of myself. It was and still is overwhelming!

I did find solace in something I made myself do at least three times per week. I forced myself to take a bath with our Cannabidiol Oil-infused bath bombs. I found myself relaxing and able to sleep the whole night through. I was so tired of waking up at 3:10 am only to start thinking of everything I needed to do. Unable to get back to sleep, living every day in a zombie state.

I now take more baths only because I know the benefits. I can tell you without a doubt these bath products saved me from the zombie fog. They have provided stress relief and restful sleep which together keep me going!

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