At Enfusia we Believe Handmade is Better – Here’s Why!

You don’t have to be a cosmetic chemist to understand why our founder decided Enfusia would be a handmade bath products company.

At Enfusia, we use a lot of different oils in our formulations. Food grade oils like olive oil, avocado oil, and coconut oil, as well as essential oils and floral waters. Heat can, and does, change the structure of these oils. It is very important to us at Enfusia to keep as much integrity in the oils during our manufacturing process.

We keep any type of machine mixing to a minimum, and we use slow speeds to assist with the potential of heat transfer. When we make our soaks, we hand blend them in small batches. We believe small batches creates a better product. Since we mix our products by hand, the batch size is important in order to make sure all the ingredients get mixed thoroughly. The ingredients are folded in like when you bake a cake. Each ingredient is measured and folded into the mixture to ensure it is thoroughly mixed. We have found that properly trained hands actually mix our salt soaks more thoroughly than a mixer. Every soak once blended is immediately packaged so its freshness is captured immediately.

Each one of our bath bombs is also handmade. Like our soaks, the ingredients are mixed thoroughly with the dry ingredients mixed together first and then the oils are folded in. We do use a mixer for brief periods to ensure all the liquids are evenly dispersed. Once put on the molding table, we finish mixing and blending by hand. When the mix is on the table, we hand mold each bath bomb to various sizes depending on what’s needed. The bath bombs air-dry overnight with no ovens used to quicken the process.

The idea with handmade isn’t speed. This process is about love. It’s about making sure every product is looked at with someone’s eyes and felt with their hands. Every single product is checked for quality at every step in the process. We will take on the machines any day!

We are proud to be handmade in the USA!

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