Enfusia Fall Announcement New Products

Fall into a Bath!

Fall Favorites Return with a New Look

Enfusia’s fall products have arrived with a new makeover! Treat yourself to fall favorites: Autumn Sugar and Dragon’s Blood.

Enfusia Autumn Sugar Bath Products Fall 2020

Take a bath with the light and playful Autumn Sugar. Let the sweet notes of vanilla and caramel warm you as the cool breezes of autumn scatter the leaves.

Enfusia Dragon's Blood New Products Fall 2020

Looking for something a little more ghoulish? How about Dragon’s Blood… Muahaha…! Dragon’s Blood is a rich and aromatic blend of earthy notes infused with sheer musk and myrrh.

Both fragrances are available as skin-softening bath bombs, moisturizing soaps, and bubbling bubble baths! Don’t wait too long! These seasonal favorites will disappear as fall turns to winter.

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