Why is There a Bubble Bath Shortage?

If you have tried to purchase bubble bath recently, you may have noticed that bubble bath is scarce or even sold out. Although we’ve been able to serve our customers in a limited capacity, we will get back to our full bubble bath production soon.

There are several factors that come into play, but they are all related to how the world’s governments and businesses chose to respond to the Covid-19 pandemic. Some businesses that manufactured bubble bath, like Enfusia, were able to pivot and make hand soaps and hand sanitizers, while other manufacturers who chose to continue producing bubble bath had to work with limited resources. Some manufacturers were even forced to close.

Covid-19 changed everything. One of the biggest challenges with a lot of businesses pivoting to hand sanitizer and hand soaps is that raw materials and packaging become very scarce. There were major disruptions in all parts of the supply chain, making it very difficult to secure raw materials and packaging with lead times stretching into oblivion. Bottles that would take few weeks to come in under normal circumstances, would have lead times pushed back indefinitely or were sold out.

This same scarcity was seen in raw materials, caps, and closures. Manufacturers were purchasing whatever they could, regardless of if that was a bottle or cap they used or not. As a consumer walking through the aisles of a store, you would see bizarre products and brands like alcohol distilleries using liquor bottles to sell hand sanitizer! Even now that we are nearing the end of the year, we are still facing the same challenges with securing materials.

Governments around the world forced most businesses to close for months at a time as they were deemed not essential with some of those businesses being soap and bubble bath manufacturers. Once a business was able to reopen, it had new challenges to face like making sure it was compliant with local government guidelines for preventing Covid-19. This forced many businesses to change the way they work and to limit how many employees they could have on-site while operating. Once getting past these hurdles, businesses were faced with backlogs of orders. This left businesses with the very real challenge of trying to fulfill these enormous backlogs, while trying to secure whatever materials they could, and being compliant with government guidelines, which usually left them working with a limited workforce.

A lot of this seems like it is in the past, but these challenges persist today. Even then, businesses are adapting to this new normal and have found ways to survive and even thrive. Soon, bubble bath will be making its way back onto store shelves!

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